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Organic Food is The Fountain of Youth

by Maggie


It was amazing to learn I had my own blinders on about food. I had brought my dog, Mickey into Dr. O’Sullivan to see how else we could support him with his cancer. She introduced organic food, as one of the options. I had three dogs at that time, so of course if one was changing their dog food, they all were changing. One of the most profound shifts happened with my baby girl, Princess, who was nine years old at the time.

Dr. O’Sullivan is a genius at educating me about the right foods, including foods that supported her constitution and aid with her cancer. Princess had developed mass cell tumors. One had been removed and another had started growing. Remarkably through her healing process, the second tumor was no longer there!

My young one, Kota, responded immediately to the new diet. His body conditioning score returned to an ideal score. People still think he is a puppy with the amount of energy he has and his youthful appearance.

I contribute organic food as the keystone to her remarkable improvement. Later, Princess was diagnosed with a heart issue and even through the turbulence of getting her on new medication for her condition (ARVC) she did extremely well. No one would ever know she was battling these scary conditions inside of her. Organic food kept her youthful and strong.

I cannot thank Dr. O’Sullivan enough for steering my dog’s health and happiness in a new direction with organic food!

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