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Jazmin’s Story by Sara Jennings

When Jazmin was about to turn 7 years old in 2009, all of a sudden, large blister-like lesions began to appear on her skin. They were popping out one after another. I took her to the vet immediately and was informed that there was nothing they could do about this condition which was diagnosed as mucinosis, but give her steroids to control the symptoms (severe itching)

Jazmin skinJazmin paw

My daughter, Joanna, who is a nutritionist, felt strongly that we should first try a complete change of diet. Up to that point, Jazmin had been eating what I would consider to be a very high quality kibble purchased at the vet clinic. We took Jazmin off all corn and soy, and fed her only non-GMO home cooked meals based primarily on different combinations of rice, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, or poultry.

Long story short, the lesions began to clear up immediately and were completely gone in two weeks never to appear again. Of course, I have never given her anything with corn or soy again. She will be 13 this fall and is in tip top shape (for a granny Pei). She is a little bit hard of hearing and sleeps most of the time, but her appetite is good and she is always ready to go for a car ride.

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