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From Pet Foods To Human Foods: Roundup

Monsanto’s Herbicide Roundup Detected In Everyday Foods

Monsanto complained vociferously to newspapers that carried my Animal Doctor column in which I cited a research study that reported finding the potentially carcinogenic herbicide glyphosate in common cat and dog foods. This is the main ingredient of Monsanto’s globally distributed herbicide Roundup.

Now these same researchers have found traces of glyphosate in popular breakfast foods—oatmeal, bagels and wheat cereal— which they attribute to farmers using this herbicide on conventional, (non-GMO  “Roundup Ready”, glyphosate-resistant) cereal crops as a desiccant shortly before harvest. Glyphosate was also found in eggs and dairy creamer.

This is a clear indication of bioaccumulation—the herbicide in the animals’ food building up in animals’ tissues. The researchers assert that this process of tissue accumulation most assuredly occurs in humans who are part of the same contaminated food chain: And I would add also our companion animals. So look for Organic Certification and Non-GMO verified produce for better safety and nutritional quality. This report can be accessed at:

Dr. Michael W. Fox

From Michael W. Fox BVetMed, PhD, DSc, MRCVS Veterinarian, bioethicist, syndicated columnist (Animal Doctor with Universal-U Click). Website:   Latest books: “HEALING ANIMALS & THE VISION OF ONE HEALTH” and “ANIMALS & NATURE FIRST: CREATING NEW COVENANTS WITH ANIMALS & NATURE” with CreateSpace/

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