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According to Dr. Geoffrey Broderick, a veterinary surgeon for nearly 50 years in NY, he states “since 1996 and the introduction of GMO foods”, he has discovered a ‘phenomenal’ change in pet health.  Then the national average lifespan of a pet was about 16 years.  Now that lifespan is 8 years, according to Dr. Broderick.  And, if you buy a puppy today, the life span is 7 years. “Disease is rampant” and now 1 in 2 pets will get cancer he predicts. Dr. Broderick believes diet is key.  He recommends to his pet clients a non-gmo/organic diet and in “90 days I see a drastic positive change”.  

All of the 3 golden retriever friends in the picture below died of cancer in 2016 at ages 6, 8, and 10

Three Irish Setters
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