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Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental hazards and health risks for humans and animals presented by the use of genetically modified plants for animal feed. In the United States, genetically modified crops have been used for animal feed since 1996 when they were first introduced.[1] The top six genetically modified crops (soy, cotton, corn, canola, sugar beet, and alfalfa) continue to be widely used for animal feeds worldwide, and especially in the U.S.[2]

We are compiling lists of *non-GMO pet foods & feeds. We update our lists frequently, if you produce or know of a non-GMO brand please contact us and we will verify and add to our site.

Chicken Feed

Bird Feed



You can also check out the non-GMO animal feed sourcebook 


*These brands represent themselves as being organic and/or non-GMO. IRT has not independently verified their products or product sources and cannot be liable for any misrepresentation of the brands themselves about ingredients.

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