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Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium Found In Popular Pet Foods

Credit, CBS NEWS

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — There are plenty of regulations intended to keep human food safe, but there are new concerns about pet foods.

There have been thousands of pets with illnesses or deaths linked to pet foods in recent years. In many cases, the pet owners don’t know what in the foods made their pets sick.

The FDA has received over 9,000 pet food complaints since 2010 ranging from diarrhea to death.


What is really in the food your dog or cat is eating?


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Consumer Class Action Lawsuit filed against Evanger’s Pet Food

A consumer class action lawsuit has been filed against Evanger’s Pet Food; the lead Plaintiff being the pet owner whose dog Talula died from consuming the adulterated pet food. The complaint lists a detailed history of illegal pet food and misleading marketing. The lawsuit is open to any consumer that purchased or retailer that sold Evanger’s Pet Food from June 16, 2013 to the present.

In one of the most detailed pet food lawsuits ever filed, consumers are challenging Evanger’s Pet Food in a nationwide class action lawsuit. The lawsuit leaves no stone unturned, including marketing claims of ‘Human Grade’, FDA inspection reports, even quoting the federal laws that govern pet food (in such detail never before seen in a pet food lawsuit).

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In a 2013 survey conducted by IRT, 80 pet owners​ replied they saw ​improvements  in their pet’s health by switching to a non-GMO diet.  The most significant improvements were in digestive problems, food allergies & sensitivities,​ and skin conditions. But why do we care — take a look at this video to give you a hint as to why we care about our best friends.


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