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Jeffrey M Smith
Executive Director, IRT

Protect Pets from GMOs and Pesticides, an IRT Program, endeavors to:

1. Raise awareness to the health risks of GM foods and pesticides found in pet foods;
2. Inform consumers and pet professionals of alternative pet food choices.

We do this by bringing you :

• professional veterinarian comments and advice;
• non-GMO/organic pet food listings;
• news on pet food ingredients;
• testimonials;
• ingredient information;
• recall updates;
• advice on how to read labels; and
• news updates.

IRT will produce a mini-documentary, podcasts, interviews with experts and identify and support needed research as the program evolves.

The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to consumer education about the health risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food. Founded in 2003 by international bestselling author and consumer advocate, Jeffrey Smith, IRT is a world leader in educating policy makers and the public about genetically modified food.

Protect Your Pets from GMOs and Pesticides is a program of the Institute for Responsible Technology – IRT,


GMO Myths and Truths:

A Citizen’s Guide to the Evidence on the Safety and Efficacy of Genetically Modified Crops and Foods, 3rd Edition

Help To Support Our Mission

Get Involved! Join our grassroots effort to stop GMOs in our food supply!

Find non-GMO certified brands

Watch the award-Winning film on the health risks of GMOs.

Learn more about the health risks of glyphosate and our campaign “Stop Spraying Poisons in Our Community”

Genetic Roulette

Watch the Trailer Here

Stay in the know on pet food brands and ingredients, get an analysis of the top  selling pet foods, learn how to read a pet food label to protect your pet from GMOs and pesticides in pet food,  and get interviews with the experts plus much more.

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